How to Become a Plus-Size Influencer

How to Become a Plus-Size Influencer

Plus-size influencers are no longer a rarity on social media anymore, which is a wonderful indicator that the body positivity movement has been a great success. Plus-size influencers, just like any other influencers, have incredible earning potential through brand deals and promotions through social media. The only thing is that becoming a plus-size influencer is not as simple as creating a new Instagram account.


So, you want to become a plus-size influencer and are wondering where you should start. Follow along for these five steps to grow your online following and become a plus-size influencer.




1. Curate and clean up your Instagram.



The place to start growing your following if you want to become a plus-size influencer is Instagram. As a platform that is entirely centered on images and videos, your posts should be clear and visually appealing. Photos that are blurry, low-quality, or heavily filtered will not be considered enticing or professional to those that are looking for people to follow or those that are looking for people to promote their products.

2. Be your authentic self.



One of the most common misconceptions about being an online influencer is that you should have an influencing persona. Sure, maybe if you are an extremely shy person you should try to be a little more outgoing, but you shouldn’t ever lie or misconstrue things about yourself to your audience. Your viewers want to find people that they can follow who are people to look up to but are also relatable. If you are one without the other, you will not be gaining followers like you should be. Keep it simple and be your authentic self and you will find success as a plus-size influencer.

3. Use hashtags to promote your account.

Hashtags are an extremely important way to drive new viewers to your Instagram posts and your Instagram account. However, it is crucial to note that you should be selecting hashtags that are relevant to your content and are popular on Instagram. By using hashtags that don’t get many views, you are wasting valuable space and time by adding them to your posts

4. Post on Instagram often.



Making sure that you are posting on Instagram consistently is the best way to get boosted in the Instagram algorithm and gain followers. If you stop posting, your Instagram account will often lose followers because people don’t like to follow inactive accounts. Be sure to post regularly, but not too often to optimize your chances of showing up on people’s recommended lists

5. Interact with your audience!



The fifth and final tip on how to become a plus-size influencer is to interact with your audience! This goes hand in hand with our recommendation to be real and authentic with your followers. You should be reminding your audience that you are a real and accessible person by responding to comments and posting interactive Instagram stories that ask them questions and promote interaction. This will help build trust between yourself and your audience which will result in more successful brand deals and affiliate marketing deals.

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