4 Tips When Styling Modest Dresses and Skirts

4 Tips When Styling Modest Dresses and Skirts

Are you split between the desires for beauty, ease, and - modesty? If that sounds like you, it may be time to give your closet a makeover with some modest dresses and skirts that bring off your natural beauty. 

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To help you wear the modest clothing that best expresses your values and sense of self, here are 5 tips you should consider.

How to Style Dresses and Skirts

1. Make Sure Your Color Scheme Looks Good on You

You want to ensure that the color of your modest skirts and tops goes well with your skin tone and hair color for the best possible aesthetic effect.

Even your clothing should reflect this principle. You're either going to look well in a certain hue or not. So, even though this is a piece about dressing modestly, you still want to do it in style. Throw out the colors that don't look well on you first so you can focus on the ones that do.

2. Applying Multiple Layers Successfully

Adding a layer may make otherwise exposing shirts and bottoms more covert. You have likely observed the prevalence of low-cut necklines and bodycon dresses while perusing the shelves. 

The appropriate wardrobe selection will also involve contemplation of questions like, "Why are skirts more modest than pants?" or "What is a modest skirt length?"

It's not as simple as it should be to locate acceptable garments. Adding layers may transform an inappropriate top into a lovely, modest piece of clothing. Even a Casual Floral Print Sleeveless Backless Maxi Dress can be a modest outfit with a layer on it.

3. Wearing a Cardigan as a Top Layer

A cardigan can keep your bare shoulders comfortable, but it will also cover up a top that is too clinging or the top of a skirt that isn't attractive. It means that they may be used to cover up flaws and also add more tone to your outfit, just like a Rainbow Knitted V Neck Loose Long Sleeve Jacket.

Make a point of amassing cardigans and shrugs in various sizes and hues. Short-sleeved shrugs are a terrific way to add covering or a pop of color to a sleeveless shirt during the warmer months.

4. Fitted - Not Too Tight

You can tell there's a body below the fitted clothing, but you can't see it. It is considered tight if it emphasizes your bust, butts, or pelvis, just like when you wear a Casual Slim Fitted Ruched Bodycon Long Sleeve Dress.

If you're not sure, add several layers! In other words, modest dressing is about not showing off your God-given body. Dressing modestly also means choosing clothes that flatter your figure. Women can seem modest while wearing shirts of a certain shape or fabric. However, wearing a shirt of that size may be overly constricting and expose too much skin.

Sometimes the fabric is to blame for this. Sometimes, the fabric's clinginess necessitates purchasing a size larger than normal. It's the clothing, not you. Generally, it would be best if you got over yourself and tried on bigger sizes.


Some women who like to wear modestly believe they have to choose between comfort and elegance. Yet, with some strategic additions, you may enjoy both! You want to balance hiding flaws and drawing attention to your strongest assets.






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